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I’m in! I’m joining in theNester’s challenge to blog on a specific topic for 31 days. I’m going to spend the next 31 days exploring with you ways that we can live more simply, more naturally, all while sticking to a frugal lifestyle. I’ve got themes lined up for each week: beauty, health, food and home. Every day I will share with you a new tip or trick to help you get to a more natural lifestyle without spending a lot of time or money to get there. I’m so excited to share with you the things I’ve been learning and experimenting with the past year! There’s so much I’ve learned about how stepping back and living more simply means a calmer, saner life. I’ve been amazed at how much simpler my health and beauty routines are–without spending a lot of money. I’m so excited to share these with you!

Are you ready to go on this journey with me? Tell me what you’d like to learn more about! I’m still forming the exact list of topics I’m going to blog about. I’d love to include some of your requests in my series!

Check back here tomorrow for the first installment on naturally frugal beauty!

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