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Today, in the continuing saga of unmedicated ADHD, I have:

  • Heavily researched and argued on Facebook for people who work at a company that I really don’t care that much about. I mean, I love Twinkies and Snoballs, but I  don’t know why I needed to know exactly how much the CEO is compensated, how Hostess had been taking money from employee paychecks for the pensions but not putting it into the pension fund, or that Hostess has been managed by hedge funds for years. I’m not really that pro-Union, but yet I was reading a lot about what they went through and debating with friends about the pros and cons of unions. I was like a dog with a bone this morning, and just could NOT. LET. IT. GO.
  • Learned the exact ingredients in the amazingly delicious Golden Syrup and began plotting how I could make it myself.
  • Watered a whole set of plants that were just watered a couple of days ago and didn’t really need it. Still, better safe than sorry, right?
  • Wandered down to the end of the driveway to investigate who was digging up the road and why.
  • Carried around my current knitting project for the past four hours–without ever knitting a single stitch today.
  • Sat down at the piano to practice the song LittleMissSunshine and I are learning together. Only instead of practicing Good King Winceslas, I was engrossed in learning We Three Kings of Orient Are, a song I’ve never played before, nor ever had any interest in. Yet I played it over and over until I had it memorized. I can now play it fully from memory. Good King Winceslas? Notsomuch.
  • Read three different articles in the New York Times. Or, half of them. Mostly half. My brain got bored (even though I was interested in the subject) by halfway through and switched topics on me.
  • Decided twice to get up and drive to the local Hostess outlet, only to talk myself out of it both times.
  • Discussed different options for JD’s lunchbox, in the hopes he will eat more food.

None of this is what I had planned to do today. NONE. It can be really frustrating, because it is like having a brain that shifts gears all on its own. And I’m in this spot because I forgot to get my medicines refilled a while back, then had to wait to go through some new screenings Kentucky law requires. And I keep forgetting to call to schedule that. When I do call, it is a 10-15 minute process just to get a live person for an appointment at my doctor’s office, and I usually get distracted in the middle of it by something else I “need” to go do. It is a vicious cycle. Lest anyone think I need something to do to keep my mind busy, that soooo isn’t the problem. I have plenty to do today–and every day. I just seem to have a hard time getting to it!

When I do sit down to do something I really need to do, you know what happens? Nothing. I sit there with my mind blank. Just now I was staring at the computer trying to remember what I needed to do next. Nothing came–just a big old brain fog. Ah, the joys of inattentive ADD. I’m now off to listen to some special music that helps me focus, called Binaural Beats. Let’s see if I can change the path today is on!


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