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As you can see, we’ve been very busy around here lately! I’ve been working with a fantastic designer for a couple of months now to get the look for the site just right. Kristi of Creative Kristi Designs has done the entire thing. She’s done such a great job! I gave her a tough task–I wanted the sun and the moon and all the stars with it. LOL! Having worked with designers at my old job, I knew that one of the most frustrating things for a designer is a client who wants an emotion expressed–but doesn’t really know what that emotion looks like, in real terms. And unfortunately, that’s what I did to Kristi! I gave her a few sites that I loved, all of which were completely opposite from the others. (At one point I even sent her a photo of some fabric and asked her if she could incorporate it in some way–and she did!) I told her I wanted something that conveyed simplicity and serenity–yet to have color and personality too. That sounds easy enough, but trust me, I knew what a tall order it was. I’m very, very pleased that she not only “got” what I was asking for, but she delivered it, and then some!

You should find this design a lot easier to navigate than the old temporary site. I’m working now to declutter the posts a bit, to make them a bit simpler too to match the gorgeous design Kristi has made for us. The site should be a lot easier on the eyes too! Let me know if you see anything out of place, or something that could be done a little better. I’m always open for suggestions for improvement!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kristi!


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