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Today was not a good day. You know those days? The ones where it starts out promising (the a/c repairman is coming today!) and then suddenly it turns crappy (it is under warranty but it is still going to be almost $800 to repair!?!) Yes, that was my day today. Things just went from bad to worse all afternoon. We know how blessed we are, that this is just one of those annoyances in life, but it was extra stress we didn’t need right now. So tonight when I’m working on a project that is due tomorrow, I’m not thrilled when a late run to Walmart is required.

But then God did this:


And then when I came out of the store, I saw this:

After the storm 2

Nothing seemed quite so bad after this display. As I drove along the road, marveling at this magnificent beauty, I heard God speak clearly to me. “Storms come in life, but they never last long. And I always make something beautiful from them at the end.”

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