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Konmari Your Way to Peace–10 Week Konmari Challenge

Up there at the top of the blog, my little tag line goes something like this: Seeking Simplicity in the Midst of Chaos.I have spent years in search of that simplicity. With three people with ADHD and two with OCD in our home, simplicity is the essence of survival! I have found a good deal of it through simplifying what we eat, what we use, and how we consume products. In 2015 we moved even … [Read more...]

Chores Bingo

Update: I originally wrote this post back in 2012! Since then my kids have grown and so have their chores. We no longer have the guinea pig, and a lot of the issues we needed to address back then have improved. I recently updated the Chores Bingo list to make it more up to date with the tasks they need to learn to handle on their own as they move into their teen and young adult years. Hopefully it … [Read more...]

Sunset Power Juice

Several years ago my husband came home with this crazy idea: let's juice our foods! I honestly thought he was nuts, but I humored him. We picked up a cheap Oster juicer at the store just to try it out. He would come up with these concoctions and try to get me to try them, but I just wasn't interested. A few weeks in I decided I would try it myself, and fell in love! The juices he'd make me tasted … [Read more...]

Summer Berry Berry Lemonade Cake

If you're looking to take a treat to a summer potluck, boy do I have a winner for you!Last summer I was headed to a friend's birthday party--a very dear friend. The kind of friend you let see without your makeup and hair done. One of those friends who has seen your house as it really is on an average day, and didn't run away screaming. That's a very special friend! Well, for her birthday, an … [Read more...]

Avocado, Cucumber and Black Bean Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

This. This is what you want to make today.No really, put that other stuff down. This is it. This is what you want to take to the cookout, to the potluck. It is quick, it is healthy. And it is GOOD.I am a sucker for avocado. Most mornings I eat half an avocado with my eggs for breakfast. With the runny yolks from the eggs and just a touch of sea salt? OMG, soooo yummy. If you have never … [Read more...]

Fluffy, Soft Towels and Sheets with Essential Oils

 Is there anything more luxurious than stepping out of a hot shower on a cold morning to super soft, enveloping towels? Wrapping up all warm and cozy, with a large soft towel--that is one of the simple pleasures in life!But if you are using fabric softener to get there, then your towels aren't as soft as they can be--and you're wrapping your body with all kinds of toxic chemicals, as … [Read more...]

Quick and Healthy Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl!

Have you been introduced to the powerful Chia Seed yet? If not, pull up a chair, because this humble little seed is about to become one of your favorite foods!If when I say chia seed, you think of this, then buckle your belts because I am about to blow your mind. Chia seed is more than some informercial fad! Chia seed have been used by many cultures for centuries as a staple … [Read more...]

Simply Overwhelmed–Breaking Through Clutter in Fifteen Minutes!

Over the holidays, we were so busy with events, family and resting, that many of my good habits in the clutter and cleaning department went by the wayside. A few weeks back I posted about 15 minute cleaning sessions, and how much you can accomplish in a short time. Many people were skeptical and challenged me, because they didn't believe you can really get that much done in 15 minutes. Well, … [Read more...]

Handmade for the Holidays–10 Easy Homemade Gifts

Pinterest, blogs and Facebook, oh my! The internet is awash with projects that put Martha Stewart to shame. One project after the next, and they're all labeled "Easy!" and "Simple!"--but the honest truth is, they're far from simple or easy. Now, I love making homemade gifts. I do it every year, for friends and family alike. But handmade gifts should make your life simpler, not more complicated! … [Read more...]

Natural Anti-Aging Makeup Remover

  I have always been one of the worst at removing my makeup every night. I hate the process, because it seems so time consuming. After washing you have to moisturize and protect your skin, especially those of us with sensitive skin. About nine months ago I began using a totally natural oil-based method that has totally changed my opinion on makeup removal. I have wanted to … [Read more...]