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For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

Sometimes, for change truly to happen, you have to close your eyes, say a prayer and jump off a cliff to begin all over again.

Today is a big day of change in my life–it is my last day at cincysavers.com. I spent several months praying, and in March let them know that I wanted to move on and do something new. I’ve felt for a long time that God has been instilling new passions in me, bringing me into a new garden, and giving me a new mountain to tackle. He has placed a real desire for a simpler, saner way of life on my heart. I have a strong desire to garden, to cook, to be home with my kids, to study and learn more about the growing homesteading movement, and to find how that can fit into the modern family’s life.

I loved cincysavers. I have enjoyed so much about working there, loved all of the people I’ve met, and loved what the job brought for me. I have loved being LittleMissKnowitAll for the last five years, both on my own site and then later at cincysavers. But in reality, there was no way I could find simplicity in the midst of the madness of being a working mom raising two special needs kids. With my own ADHD in the mix, it just wasn’t possible, not on the scale I’m looking for. I will miss being surrounded by the vibrant creativity of the offices every single day. (By the way, WKRP in Cincinnati? It’s totally real.) I will miss going in to WCPO and hanging with John Matarese every week, who is so incredibly lovely in person. I doubt I’ve met anyone in media as nice as him. I will miss being in the presence of the awesomely fierce Tanya O’Rourke every week. (She is a force of nature, and I mean that in the best way.) I will miss hanging with Jay Kruz at Rewind (he’s a frugal too!) and with Stattman each week. (So genuine–so goofy!) And what can I say about the Q102 Jeff and Jen crew…except to say that they have a lot more depth to each of them than you’d imagine from their on-air silliness. I will miss having the resources to take an idea and make it happen, instantly. I will miss Brad and Doug, my heroes on a regular basis, saving me from having to understand the mind-numbing minutia of code. Yes, there is a lot I will miss.

But while saying goodbye is hard to do, I know that tomorrow I will wake up, stretch my arms and grasp a world full of possibilities. The future is mine to write. I am free to listen to my heart and to plot my course into the future. I am free to start with a clean slate. Tomorrow morning, I will wake up and begin the day with one of my favorite quotes: “Begin as you mean to go on.” How I mean to be for the future, I start now. With a clean slate there is nothing stopping me. God brought me to this place to begin with–I would never be LMKIA if he hadn’t created it–and I will follow him into this new thing that he is calling me to. The chaos monster won’t stop me. I will have simplicity–and it will start tomorrow. A fresh start.

Before I say goodbye to LittleMissKnowitAll, there are a few people I need to say thank you to. There are so many people along the way who have played a big part in my success, but for today I want to stop and say thanks to those who were there at the very beginning–to those amazing women of Cincymoms, the ones who stood beside me and championed me, gave me confidence in myself that I most certainly didn’t feel on my own. These women have kept my feet on the ground, making sure my head didn’t get too big–while at the same time giving my ego a swift boost when I started to doubt myself. Without them, I would not be LMKIA. I know that with my ADD-addled brain I will forget a few, and for that I’m very sorry. I love you all!

Lildsmom, Cecismom, MommieMara, CroppingwithMendy, Spunkymama, Baldscreen, Bluebonnet, pigsky, 2B2G, Granna, lei, Gardenbabe, Dixie, IceePrincess, RubberbandGirl, kimberlydawn, SarahJean, Mama21, Curious Ginger, cincymom, winebabe (Love ya, Ash), Milfordmom, 1Sanibel, ILTS, tbcg, Junebug and so many others who I know now only by your first name! Catherine, Alison, Sarah C, Staci, April, Melissa S, Eileen…I know I’ve forgotten people. But you all mean more to me than you know. Thank you so very much for being on this journey with me!

So…tomorrow. Welcome, my new friend.

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