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Last week really took it out of me. Spending the week at the hospital, wondering if Dad was going to make it or not (he did!) and balancing that with normal day-to-day life…I’m pooped. After dad’s surgery was finished and the adrenaline of shock wore off, I found I was pretty numb for a few days.

Because of all of that unexpected chaos and stress, I’ve decided to take a little mini-break for a few days. I’m going to close up the computer, get out with the kids and read a couple of good books. I’m not sure how long of a break I’m going to take–might be two days, might be ten days. I just know I need to take some time for my brain to be still, for my heart to enjoy the beauty in my life. After all, that is a big step in seeking simplicity and calming chaos–stopping to just breathe once in a while. Taking time to enjoy the gifts already in your life.

God bless eacfood you this week!

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