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For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.
— 1 Corinthians 14:33

Sometime in late September something clicked. I’m not sure what it was, or why it happened then but not before, but without warning, something changed. As with so many things I have a good knowledge base about living healthy, about ‘going green.’ I’ve known for years what we should do, and have dabbled with it here or there. But it never moved past the ‘interest’ stage. It never became an actual lifestyle.

And then in late September, it did.

I’m not sure why, but when I first read about the no-poo movement, I was hooked. From there things just began to fall into place. I quickly learned about honey to wash my face; using the oil cleansing method to remove makeup and moisturize; the powers of jojoba oil in smoothing and repairing skin; the wonders of vinegar and baking soda; and a whole host of other natural solutions. Before I knew it I found myself struggling to buy bread with enriched flour or corn syrup in it. I began to explore non-homogenized and low pasteurization of milk. My foods, while still not perfect, began to change drastically as well. I knew these things to some degree before September, but for some reason this time I felt more than just interest: I felt passion. I felt a driving need to not just know these things, but to do them as well.

The past five months have been incredible. I personally am the very definition of ADHD. My attention shifts every twelve minutes. My life tends to resemble a whirling dervish. I am easily disorganized and I forget things constantly. Add in two ADHD kids, a handfull of special needs, plus a dash of just plain old life–and you’ve got the perfect recipe for chaos. My life is in a constant state of chaos.

Yet in the midst of that I feel a deep desire for peace and for simplicity. I sense God’s call, calling me to learn more about his very nature. For in the midst of a raging storm, he stands and calls it to peace. I want that. I need that. I feel it from the depth of my bones, from my inner core–a great need not just for peace, but for simplicity.

Simplicity in the midst of chaos. Okay God, I’m in. I’ll follow if you’ll lead.

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