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Sunset Power Juice

Several years ago my husband came home with this crazy idea: let's juice our foods! I honestly thought he was nuts, but I humored him. We picked up a cheap Oster juicer at the store just to try it out. He would come up with these concoctions and try to get me to try them, but I just wasn't interested. A few weeks in I decided I would try it myself, and fell in love! The juices he'd make me tasted … [Read more...]

Summer Berry Berry Lemonade Cake

If you're looking to take a treat to a summer potluck, boy do I have a winner for you!Last summer I was headed to a friend's birthday party--a very dear friend. The kind of friend you let see without your makeup and hair done. One of those friends who has seen your house as it really is on an average day, and didn't run away screaming. That's a very special friend! Well, for her birthday, an … [Read more...]

Avocado, Cucumber and Black Bean Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

This. This is what you want to make today.No really, put that other stuff down. This is it. This is what you want to take to the cookout, to the potluck. It is quick, it is healthy. And it is GOOD.I am a sucker for avocado. Most mornings I eat half an avocado with my eggs for breakfast. With the runny yolks from the eggs and just a touch of sea salt? OMG, soooo yummy. If you have never … [Read more...]

Quick and Healthy Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl!

Have you been introduced to the powerful Chia Seed yet? If not, pull up a chair, because this humble little seed is about to become one of your favorite foods!If when I say chia seed, you think of this, then buckle your belts because I am about to blow your mind. Chia seed is more than some informercial fad! Chia seed have been used by many cultures for centuries as a staple … [Read more...]

Homemade All-Natural Gumdrops

 One of my favorite treats of the holiday season are spiced gumdrops. My grandmother used to keep a big bowl of them in her living room every year--and now my mother has carried on that tradition. Last year while we were making our holiday gifts, LittleMissSunshine asked me if we could make our own gumdrops and give them away. I thought that it must be a terribly complicated recipe, one … [Read more...]

Eating For Life: 8 Daniel Plan Breakfast Recipes

I'm part of a group that is following The Daniel Plan program. The Daniel Plan focuses on whole grains and whole foods--foods that remember where they come from. Success with a lifestyle change like The Daniel Plan is to have plenty of meals that you love to eat--that way you are treating yourself, not depriving yourself. I turned to my Real Foods blogging friends and asked for their best … [Read more...]

Eight Ways to Live a Natural, Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget

Once upon a time, I had a career as a frugal blogger. I spent my days telling thousands of people how to save money. It never failed though, that when I did my radio spots or tv spots every week, or in my classes, that I'd hear from someone that it was all fine and well, but they eat healthy, so it just wouldn't work for them. Poppycock.It totally isn't true. This is an age-old myth that I've … [Read more...]

Naturally Frugal: Simple, Healthy Artisan Pizza

One of the hardest parts of transitioning to a mostly natural, whole-foods diet for my family last year was giving up frozen pizza. JD is an extremely picky eater, and cheese pizza was a staple for him. Frozen pizzas made nights when I was too tired to cook or we were in a hurry a lot easier for us. It also meant I knew I always had something on hand that he would eat. But I also knew they were … [Read more...]

Best of Naturally Frugal: Kicking the Sugar Habit

 UPDATE: This little post has really surprised me! Far and away, it is the top post on my blog. You guys just keep clicking and clicking! I never expected this post to get much if any attention, so its been a huge surprise. We are now over 2000 pins on Pinterest for this post! I'd like to thank everyone who has shared this with your friends and family. It's also really good to know that I'm not … [Read more...]

Easy Caramels in the Microwave

I'm a sucker for good caramel. They are my weakness. It doesn't matter what form they come in--soft and chewy, hard candy, or syrup for my ice cream--I'm a sucker for caramel. So when I started seeing recipes touting how easy it was to make caramel in the microwave, I was intrigued. But it always seemed like too many ingredients, ones I never had on hand when I wanted to make caramels. Then one … [Read more...]