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Naturally Frugal: Straw Bale Gardening

I am soooo excited! About a year ago while researching pallet gardening I stumbled upon a form of gardening on Pinterest called Straw Bale Gardening. I was intrigued, and decided to do some research. I've spent the past year reading everything I could about straw bale gardening, and today it finally all came together--I planted my first straw bale garden! The premise goes like this: straw is an … [Read more...]

Pinterest Try it Out Tuesday: DIY Watering Can

For the past few weeks I've seen a ton of pins on Pinterest about converting a milk jug into a watering can. I was a bit skeptical. While I know it could be a good repurposing of a normal throwaway item, I was skeptical at how neat it would be. I was worried that without a special spout, it would drip water everywhere. Since I've decided that this summer I'm going to repurpose items for my garden … [Read more...]

Naturally Frugal Weed Killer

With the extra early spring and mild winter we are seeing some very unwelcome guests in our yards: weeds. The mild winter means that not only did they arrive early, but that many weeds did not die off fully during the few cold spells we had. Weeds are going to be stronger than ever this year! But before you reach out for a chemical to kill the weeds, a natural solution may already be sitting in … [Read more...]

Creative Container Gardens

It's true--I've been bitten by the gardening bug! I've had a lifelong fascination with plants and flowers, but it seems like this spring more than others I have really been fascinated with all things gardening. My particular interest has been ways to repurpose items around your home into gardening containers. Anyone can garden, regardless of where you live or your circumstances. I once lived in a … [Read more...]

Naturally Frugal: Re-Growing Green Onions

Pinterest has been full of ways to grow this or that lately, and one of the ones that intrigued me most was how easy it was to grow your own green onions (also known as scallions). I thought surely, it wasn't quite as easy as all the pinners said. Surely, there must be some trick, right?Nope.It really is very easy to grow scallions. Simply save the bottoms that you normally throw away (the … [Read more...]

Speed Your Garden with These Common Household Objects!

While the traditional Mother's Day planting date has come and gone, we are still having some cool nights. While the cool evenings won't harm most of your plants, they can slow down growth, especially on tender young seedlings. Using a cold frame or bell jar is a tried-and-true method to speed up your garden's growth! Here's some simple (and cheap!) DIY cold frames I found around the web that you … [Read more...]

Creative Plant Markers for Your Garden

As I plant my garden this year I find I'm being very finicky about buying anything new--I prefer to reuse things I have from around the house if at all possible. I found a ton of great ideas on Pinterest for DIY plant markers using normal household items. Some of these are lovely! old spoons wine corksold utensilstwigsrecycled can lidstonesclothespinsjuice can lids … [Read more...]

Free Gardening Ebooks

Are you looking to get more involved in gardening yourself? Here's a list of great free gardening and canning ebooks, compiled by my friends over at DakotaSavers.com. Small Gardens and How to Make the Most of ThemOrganic Gardeners CompostingCulinary Herbs: Their Cultivation Harvesting Cures and UsesHome Vegetable Gardening: The Complete and Practical Guide to Planting and … [Read more...]

Beauty of Container Gardening

It's still April but my garden is producing fruit already! I have had several salads from my cut-and-come-again salad bowl; used fresh basil and two tomatoes in my homemade tomato sauce; fresh rosemary and thyme in my roasted chicken; fresh cilantro in homemade guacamole; and used fresh lavender leaves in a homemade hair detangler spray. I've even had a single strawberry already! If you thought … [Read more...]

Low Maintenance Container Gardening

This year I am planting a large garden--all in containers. Wait, what? Can you plant a large garden in just containers? You sure can--and not only does it produce a bountiful harvest with fewer plant diseases and pests, but if you follow my recipe below, it is a LOT less work to keep up with! As an added bonus, because containers are portable, you can start your garden earlier, indoors, and move … [Read more...]