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Dear Kids: Get Out

Dear Children of Mine, Oh, how I love you. You make my world better. You are smart and funny and kind and generous. You are the children I never dreamed I always wanted. But this summer I have something to say to you: GET. OUT. It's summer. It's the time when possibilities are endless. Homeschool finished weeks ago, your friends are finally out of school, it isn't snowing for the first … [Read more...]

Finding Your Balance

It's been one of those days where I woke up feeling sluggish and discouraged all day long. I'm really not sure why, but the harder I tried to break out of it, the worse it got. We are in the process of trying to get our house up on the market, so I don't really have time to take a day off. But no matter what I tried, I kept sitting back down, discouraged before I even started, because there is … [Read more...]

Home is Where Your Hammock Is

We just did something we rarely do around the KnowitAll household--we took a family vacation. Normally we'd fill our vacation time with a mission trip, or a trip with family, or a trip to visit family. It has been several years since we just vacationed, just the four of us. And what a vacation it was! We took a full two weeks off, which was the perfect amount of time. We were really able to relax … [Read more...]

Blessing Little Miss Sunshine

As you can see, I've had a few big projects going on around here! Not only have I been hard at work on the site redesign, but I've had a bit of a redesign project going on at home as well. JD and LittleMissSunshine had gone off for a week at Camp Grandma, so we decided to surprise LittleMissSunshine with a room makeover. Her old room had not really been redecorated since she was a baby, so it was … [Read more...]

Solar Science Sunday

The KnowitAll family had quite a fun day last Sunday. First we headed over to the Drake Planetarium here in Cincinnati, to attend the Family Science Sunday. We sat through a show in the planetarium, got to play a bit with a few science experiments, and then headed over to the Lego Lab to see who could build the strongest bridge. While it got a little loud and crazy for sensory-sensitive JD, he did … [Read more...]

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is tomorrow, and the chaos monster has hit us full force the past month, keeping us from really celebrating it the way we'd love to. From losing two beloved grandmothers in two weeks,  sinus infections, unexpected car repairs, an emergency trip to the vet for one of the guinea pigs, and so on...we just haven't had much time or energy to focus on traditional easter celebrations. There's been … [Read more...]

Thankful for Two Blessings

We've been sick around here. A Lot. A whole lot. It started right around Christmas, when my daughter had a sore throat. Since then we've had two adults with strep throat; myself and my daughter have had bronchitis bad enough to need inhalers (which neither of us normally use), a stomach virus, a double ear infection and a cold. Since New Year's I don't think we've had a single day where all four … [Read more...]

One Proud Momma

Excuse me while I gush with pride. I'm sure you'll understand--my daughter is absolutely fabulous, darling! If you know me, you probably know that my Kay is Fancy Nancy incarnate.  High heels, fancy clothes, if it glitters or sparkles or has feathers--it is for her!  She wants to be a rock star and has the chops to do it.  (And no, Hannah Montana is not at all involved in her life goal.  "Hannah … [Read more...]

Mean Mom, Party of One

My son seems to have me mistaken with someone else. "Forget" your homework supplies at school thinking you won't have to do it at home?  I'll make up homework for you, plus make you do the original homework the next night.  If you don't do your homework at night and lie to your father about how much there is to do, absolutely you will do it before school.  I'll wake you up extra early to make … [Read more...]