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After the Storm

Today was not a good day. You know those days? The ones where it starts out promising (the a/c repairman is coming today!) and then suddenly it turns crappy (it is under warranty but it is still going to be almost $800 to repair!?!) Yes, that was my day today. Things just went from bad to worse all afternoon. We know how blessed we are, that this is just one of those annoyances in life, but it was … [Read more...]

Finding Your Balance

It's been one of those days where I woke up feeling sluggish and discouraged all day long. I'm really not sure why, but the harder I tried to break out of it, the worse it got. We are in the process of trying to get our house up on the market, so I don't really have time to take a day off. But no matter what I tried, I kept sitting back down, discouraged before I even started, because there is … [Read more...]

After the Dark

Today's photo prompt was "After the Dark", which honestly had me stumped most of the day. Tonight as the sun was setting I decided I would just take the camera out to play out in my yard, and see what I could find. We had clouds moving in, so I wasn't sure what I'd be able to get of the night sky. I tried to catch the lightning bugs but they were being shy. The moon wasn't out yet, so that wasn't … [Read more...]

On My Table

Isn't the color on this juice fantastic?I know for some of you, the idea of drinking a bright green juice sounds horrible. I feel ya. I was right there with you about six weeks ago. And then I made this baby, and I was hooked! The flavor is fantastic, like a really tart lemonade. But it's also chock full of vitamins. Honestly, there's no better way to get them! I make this with kale, broccoli, … [Read more...]

Stretching My Muscles

If you've been around here a while, you know that last year I picked up photography as a new hobby. What began as a nice hobby to give me a creative outlet quickly became a passion and I devoured every ounce of learning I possibly could. My family surprised me with a nice DSLR for Christmas, and this year I've had a lot of fun getting to know this new camera.But it is time for me to stretch … [Read more...]

Sunday Snapshots

My love of photography as a hobby just continues to grow! I was given an amazing gift at Christmas--my very first DSLR! As I looked at my goals for 2013, I decided that I was going to focus solely on goals that brought joy and happiness to my life. Photography was at the very top of that list. So I have joined up with a great group in a yearlong photo challenge.  It has already really challenged … [Read more...]

The Redneck Time Lord

This was shared with me by a good friend who works at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Apparently they are doing a good bit of construction on campus, and more than once he's looked up from his office window to see a port-a-potty flying through the air. He calls it The Redneck Time Lord. If you're a Doctor Who fan, you'll get the joke! … [Read more...]

Photo Bliss Friday

It's Friday! Fridays are the day I sit down and look through photos I've taken recently, work on some post-photo processing, and kind of self-critique what I've done well and what I could work on in my photography. I can't tell you how much I look forward to this each week. Every time I pick up my camera I feel a little hum of energy go through my whole body. It has really brought so much joy to … [Read more...]

Five Tricks to Improve All Your Photos

I think I've mentioned once or twice or twenty how much I've fallen in love with photography this year! While I am by no means a photography expert, I've learned quite a lot these last several months. Between enrolling in a couple of courses, getting tips from friends who are professional photographers, and just reading everything I can find on the subject, I've come a long way in just six months! … [Read more...]

PhotoWalk Friday: Cincinnati Butterfly Show

I thought that today I'd share with you one of my newest passions: photography. While I've always been a bit of a shutterbug with a traditional camera, I've never really paid much attention to the details. I've always been a point-and-shoot kinda gal.Until January, that is. Feeling burnt out because I'd taken my coupon hobby and turned it into a job, I'd set off in search of a new hobby. I … [Read more...]