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Today’s assignment: A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

That’s easy enough–I love to travel!


London is one of my favorite places in the world. I took this photo in August 2010 from the London Eye.


Guell Park in Barcelona, designed by Antonio Gaudi. This is not my photo as my camera skills weren’t this good in 1988, but this stunning, vivid colors and artistry is exactly what I remember. I stood and stared for as long as they would let me.

This is Kilkee, the West Coast of Ireland. The Atlantic Ocean comes crashing up against these cliffs, and there are parts of the island that are now washed out and standing on their own--some even have falling down castles on them. With the vivid green behind you, and the vivid blues and rough of the sea--it is a breathtaking sight. We spent part of our honeymoon here in Kilkee--"where the Irish vacation."




One of my favorite restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala--that's a famous volcano in the background. I took this in January 2008.

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