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We’re at day four in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, and this time, it’s personal. Day Four’s Assignment: Blog about a habit that you wish you didn’t have. Ouch.

If I’m being honest, there’s more than one. One of my worst is to procrastinate. I’m typically one of those people who is always engaged in some sort of activity, even while resting. I tend to get really involved in something, and not want to come up out of it. I wait until the last minute to do whatever it is I need to do–drive somewhere, cook a meal (I’m sitting here at 4:30 and I’ve not eaten lunch–happens all the time), call someone, answer that email…or about anything. It’s a typical ADHD issue–it’s called “hyperfocus”–we have a real problem with procrastination. It isn’t laziness, because we’re often actively engaged in something. We just wait until the last second possible to leave whatever it is to jump into the next thing. It gets me (and most ADHD people) into trouble quite often.

My other worst habit is to put something down “for a minute”–but when that minute is up, my mind is on to something else and I’ve totally forgotten whatever it was that I intended to do. My house, my car, my desk, my purse–all of them have signs of this. My purse is filled with papers and receipts that I’m just going to put there for a minute because I don’t have any other logical place to put them–but I’ll put them in the right file at home as soon as I get there. Right? (Wrong.) Oh, I need to go get the mail. I’ll just put this cup down here for a minute…or put my coat here for a minute…or put my shoes here but I’ll get them when I go back upstairs…  It all makes sense at the moment I’m thinking it. It all sounds reasonable. But I know that five, ten or fifteen minutes from now I will be on to something else and have totally forgotten all about that thing that needs putting away. Thank goodness for my “Alice” who comes once a week to make sense of my little piles left across the house. She is an angel, and her services are probably the best money I spend every single week.



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