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Day One of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge , let’s jump in!

Today’s Challenge:  A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Well, I don’t really have all that many (flattering) recent photos of myself, since I tend to be the one behind the camera a lot of the time. This is from the past year though.

This is of myself and several of my dearest friends last year at a CareNet event. From left to right is Marlene, Debbie, Julie, myself and Diane.  I count myself blessed to know each and every one of them.

Okay, fifteen interesting facts. Hmm…

1. I was an exchange student in high school. I spent the summer in Spain, then the student I stayed with came home with me. It really opened my eyes!

2. I’ve met many, many famous people in my life, some of them multiple times. President Clinton (while in office), Vice President Gore, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Sir Bobby Charlton, John Glenn, David Brinkley, and many others. I just have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and not making a huge fuss when I do meet them.

3.  I personally know people from at least 45 different countries in the world.

4. I’ve been to five countries outside of the US: Spain, France, England, Ireland and Guatemala. I plan to add at least 10 more to that list in my lifetime!

5.  I flunked out of college more than once. Well, maybe not “flunked out.” But I was going to, so I withdrew. If only I’d known about my ADHD back then, things may have been different!

6.  My parents were both real-deal hippies, so I grew up in a very interesting household.


7.  Last summer my husband and I led a team of high schoolers on a mission trip to London, England.  We met some amazing people, and I fell in love with one girl in particular. I may not be able to adopt her, but she’s my girl nonetheless! (That’s her–my Mel–in the photo above.)

8.  I skipped a grade in elementary school, and my birthday is in December, so I was always a year and a half younger than my classmates. Funnier still, my best friends in high school were a grade ahead, so I’m two and a half years younger than they are. Back then I hated it. They’re 40 now, I’m not. I’m cool with it now. 🙂

9.  I am a licensed pastor at the Vineyard Church in Florence. I’ve performed weddings and funerals. My real passion though is for missions and helping others go on short term missions, along with helping people grow and know how much God really treasures them.

10.  I love to travel–there’s always an opportunity for adventure around the corner. Heck, even driving to the airport offers the slight prospect of an adventure. Doesn’t matter if I’m travelling to Dayton or to London–there’s new people and new places to discover.

11. When I travel to other countries I try not to stay in hotels if I can. I almost always pick B&B’s, because in other countries those are often someone’s home. You get to experience a bigger piece of the real life of a country when you stay in a B&B like that.

12.  I used to work in politics in communications and campaign management. I loved it, but it consumed me too much and wasn’t stable work for raising a family.

13.  I’ve been backpacking in the Rockies and the Cascades, and camped at 10,000 feet with snow on the ground and mountain lion prints in the snow. Another trip we camped only a few miles from a forest fire and lava fields. I had fun, but I don’t know that I’d do either again!

14.  I can kill any joke. (not in a good way, either.) Seriously, give me the best one-liner and I’ll deliver it to crickets chirping. My dad has the gift, but he didn’t pass on that particular piece of DNA. I love to laugh–just can’t make others laugh in the same way.

15.  I’ve never met a stranger. I can talk to anyone, anywhere, for hours. I can find a common interest or topic pretty easily. I am your classic extrovert, with a capital E.

Whew-Day One is done! Bring on day two!

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