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Time for Day 2 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!  Today’s assignment: explain the meaning behind your blog name.

In God’s Economy came about because I’m known as this frugal blogger, talking about the economy and ways to save money every day. But so often people only see the coupons, and I had this bubble of Godly wisdom that had been passed on to me by others that was bubbling inside, ready to burst. I needed to share it. So this blog was born. The name itself has a few different meanings, but they all point back to one thing: God’s way of living and spending your life is very different than how we think of life.  It is a bit of a play on words, since my LittleMissKnowitAll personality is so focused on money-saving techniques. But the meaning of it really is to keep me focused to showing how God’s ways are not the same as our own.  We live to get what we can, and sometimes we share with others. We work our way to the top of the ladder, looking for recognition for our work. God’s ways are different. We are to give away what we have, and to serve others instead of being served. The more you give away and the more you serve, the higher you rise in God’s Kingdom.

That conundrum is often called the Upside Down Kingdom. The lower you go in this world the higher you rise in God’s Kingdom.  I wanted to be able to focus on those concepts, yet at the same time break through the false teachings that we have to be poor church mice, meek and mild doormats of sorts, to go far in the Kingdom. That’s not what God calls us to. He calls us to humilty–yes. But he also placed great gifts in each and every one of us. We aren’t to go hiding those out of some sort of false humility, leaving them unused. Instead we are to use them in service to others–to spend what we have been given–and God will grow us in that. Even if you try something and make a mistake, God will honor that. He wishes simply for the gifts to be used, not hidden out of false modesty or fear.

There’s a famous saying about giving ten cents to get a dollar. God is like that when you serve or give away what you have. If you have a small, new talent, you have a penny. You use that talent, and even though it wasn’t getting up on a huge stage and doing something for the whole world, you served honestly and used your talent. Maybe it was opening a door for someone and smiling. Maybe it was volunteering to babysit for a single mom who needed a hand. Whatever it was, you used that gift. When you do that, God will honor that and increase the gift. Now you have a nickel. Spend the nickel and before you know it you’ve got a dime’s worth of talent. The more you give away what God has given you, the more you will receive.  What started as a very small investment on your part turns into a huge return into God’s Kingdom. And before you know it, you’re standing there asking yourself in amazement, “How did I get here?”

That’s how I often feel about being “LittleMissKnowitAll.”  I have no idea how I’ve gotten here–just that I shared what God was teaching me with coupons to help my family. Before I knew it all of this happened. I’ve spent what I’ve gotten, but I’ve gotten so much back in return–way more than I ever put in. That’s God’s Economy.

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