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Sometimes I really, really love my job! This morning I walked into magic–Disney magic! The new Disney Store opened at Kenwood Mall this morning and as always, Disney brought plenty of magic! Within seconds I was a little girl again, giggling over Tinkerbelle flitting across the wall or asking the salesperson where I could get a magic mirror for my bedroom. Don’t tell anyone, but I even asked if I could get the Cinderella dress in my size…


This is not the Disney Store of years past. The whole store is designed to be interactive. From the magic mirror where kids can interact with their favorite princesses to the Cars Ridemakerz experience there is a lot of Disney magic packed into this store! Keep your eyes open–the Trees change and you never know when Tinkerbelle, Dumbo or Buzz Lightyear will make an appearance along the walls!


But instead of trying to tell you how magical the store is, I’ll let my photos tell the story!



If you’ve got a Cars lover in your house, you’ll want to take them here to make their own custom Ramone-worthy vehicle!



Pay attention to the walls and the Trees–they have suprises on them!



Megan and I wanted to play with the magic mirror and be princesses too! But we were just a tad tall for the mirror so….




We showed Cinderella our fashionable footwear instead. 😉




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