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I’m part of a group that is following The Daniel Plan program. The Daniel Plan focuses on whole grains and whole foods–foods that remember where they come from. Success with a lifestyle change like The Daniel Plan is to have plenty of meals that you love to eat–that way you are treating yourself, not depriving yourself. I turned to my Real Foods blogging friends and asked for their best recipes–and they responded with an abundance of delicious, healthy recipes! Each recipe listed below meets the criteria of the Daniel Plan–they’re whole grain, use only natural sugars, and are completely based on whole, real foods. A couple of these recipes will also be gluten-free. Every week during March I will be featuring recipes from a different meal to help Daniel Plan followers find new and exciting recipes!


banana nut muffins

 Oh my, these whole grain banana nut muffins look soooo yummy! Made with sprouted whole wheat, whole milk yogurt and raw honey, these are healthy and tasty! If you’ve never experienced sprouted whole wheat and its health benefits, I encourage you to read her post on it, linked in the recipe.

Eating for Life: Daniel Plan breakfast--soaked whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread

This soaked whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread is on my table right now. I can tell you, it is definitely worth the time and effort to make! I substitute in almond milk in place of cow’s milk to make it Daniel Plan approved. The more I browse this blog, the more I want to cook! It is quickly becoming a favorite stop of mine when I’m looking for real food recipes.


I made this thin green spinach and herb omelet last week and Holy Moly was it good! In my opinion goat cheese makes everything better, and this is no exception. I love to eat well first thing in the morning, to start my day off with a treat–and this certainly feels like a treat! It tastes like something you’d get at a nice restaurant for breakfast.

 Eating for Life: Daniel Plan breakfast--homemade granola cereal

 This homemade granola cereal looks delicious! I’d substitute coconut oil or ghee in place of the butter to make it Daniel Plan friendly. I love how customizable this is, using the mixture that gets YOUR taste buds going in the morning! And while this has a good deal of crunch, there’s a ton of proteins and healthy fats in this.

banana-berry-smoothieFor those who prefer to keep their breakfasts light and simple, here’s a good option: the Berry Coconut Breakfast Smoothie. I love smoothies and juicing because they given me a quick burst of vitamins and nutrients to start my day, but they are filling as well. Since I began juicing and drinking smoothies I’ve found it is like a having a light switch turned on–my body just functions better.

Sunset Power Juice (1 of 1)-2

If you prefer juicing to smoothies, here’s a recipe from my own kitchen: the Sunset Power Juice. Made with beets, sweet potatoes, oranges, carrots pineapple and more, it is full of Vitamins A, C, E, B6 and tons of antioxidants. It doesn’t just taste good, it is pretty in the glass as well! I love to have this to drink with a couple of eggs or a bit of avocado for breakfast.


Breakfasts on the Daniel Plan

Erica shares these gluten free, dairy free and nut-free pancakes that can be baked in the oven! Made with eggs, coconut oil and coconut milk, they’re sweetened with honey and spiced with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon to make them super yummy!


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