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My husband can’t keep his hands off me lately. I’d like to think it was my irresistible beauty that still drives him crazy after fourteen years of marriage…but I know better. He’s fallen in love with my soft, sexy skin. You see, several months ago I began using a sugar scrub that my mother makes every time I take a bath. It has taken my skin from sorta soft to HELLO! That’s-some-sexy-soft-skin-there! My skin wasn’t particularly dry, but it wasn’t soft and silky either. It was just…there. Lotions would make it kinda oily for a bit, but never truly soft. Then one day my mother handed me this new concoction she was testing and everything changed!

It’s really a very simple process: you rub a small amount of the sugar over the skin on your arms, legs, hand, neck and body while in the shower or taking a bath at least once or twice a week. The sugar works to gently exfoliate your skin. The oil softens and protects your skin. When you towel off, you’ll see the effects almost immediately. Your skin will have a healthy glow to it. Even better–jojoba oil is a natural skin protectant, so it will protect your skin from the daily junk you come in contact with! Your skin will stay smooth and silky for several days after you use the scrub.

Here’s the recipe–it’s only three ingredients plus your essential oils! Find out where I buy my essential oils and why I use only one brand in this post.


  • raw cane sugar
  • jojoba oil
  • organic virgin coconut oil
  • 15 drops essential oil–I recommend lavender or peppermint



1. Add a tablespoon or two of coconut oil to the bottom of your jar. The amount really depends on how much you are making at once. For smaller jars like the one above, one tablespoon is more than enough.
2. Add a cup of raw sugar to the jar.
3. Mix the coconut oil and sugar together. Add your essential oils.
4. Add enough jojoba oil to the jar to just about cover the sugar mixture.
5. Done!

The coconut oil is something I keep on hand always–as I shared yesterday, it is a great makeup remover and moisturizer. It also works wonders at softening up those rough patches on your elbows, knees and heels. The jojoba oil feels so rich and silky on your skin. To use this mix, simply scoop a quarter size amount and rub up and down on your skin until it dissolves. It will take off dead skin, and leave wonderful silky softness behind. If you want, you can also add essential oils to yours. I added a few drops of Rose oil to mine. Smells divine!

This small jar should last you a couple months, at least. It really doesn’t take a lot for it to make a huge impact–a little goes a LONG way! The jojoba oil is what is known as a “carrier” oil–it won’t dissolve the sugar. Oh, one last tip–make sure to rinse out your tub or shower afterwards! The oils can leave the bath a little slippery.

So go on, throw away those bath puffs, those specialty bath washes. You won’t need them anymore. Once you see how soft and silky your skin is with this baby, you will ditch all the chemicals forever. Enjoy!


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