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No shampoo hair after three years
This week I celebrate an odd, but important, anniversary: three years of no shampoo.  No-poo, for those in the know.

Odd, because really, how many people would YOU tell if you stopped using shampoo? The reaction that crosses people’s faces is usually first one of disgust, then a double take “What do you mean you DON’T USE SHAMPOO?!?” Next, the not-so-subtle attempt to gauge how greasy my hair is. Last, is the confused look as they shake their head and try to make sense of it all.

Important, because somehow, this experiment that started on a whim began the journey that has led us to a whole new lifestyle. In the research and excitement of that experiment, something clicked. I had all of this knowledge about healthy, green living, but hadn’t really taken any steps towards it. But with that experiment into ditching shampoo, something shifted. Suddenly I no longer wanted to put processed chemicals in or on my body. I didn’t want them on my family’s bodies, either. Which led eventually to where we are today.

I’ve written a lot about my no-poo journey over the years, and three years later those remain some of my most popular posts day in and day out. Nowadays it isn’t such a huge deal to me–I just wash my hair and go about my business. And it is SO easy. Really! I still wash my hair–I just wash with natural, everyday products, instead of using shampoo. If this is new to you, I suggest you check out these posts:

But today I want to share with you how you can use essential oils to make your hair healthier, regardless of what method you use. Add them to your shampoo, to your conditioner, to your baking soda, to your honey wash…to whatever you use. I personally love to add these oils to my egg wash every week. Essential oils boost the cleansing power of whatever method you use, and help your hair stay healthy, strong and beautiful. You don’t need pricey salon products to do that! Just a few drops every week of essential oils will give you the results you want.

Lemongrass. This is one is on my all-star list of essential oils for hair care. It is known to penetrate the cortex of your hair follicle, repairing damage from within. It smells lovely, all lemony and fresh in the morning. But even more it helps repair damage, thickens hair, and leaves your hair lush and full. One big bonus for those with oily hair: it is excellent for oily hair! It helps clean the oils away while leaving the hair undamaged by harsh cleansers. (If you have oily hair like I used to, I highly recommend you read up on why shampoo is making your hair worse, not better!) Lemongrass balances the scalp and hair, relieving the dry, itchy scalp but degreasing the hair. It is a beautiful thing. I add two drops to my egg yolk wash every week.

Rosemary. This smells divine in your hair, but it does something even more important than smell: it has been used for centuries to increase hair growth and strengthen hair. It stimulates the scalp and improves the overall growth and texture of hair. It is frequently used to treat dandruff and to help with oily hair.

Lavender. Lavender essential oil is another excellent oil for scalp health. And let’s be honest, you can use all of the fancy products you want, but if your scalp isn’t in good shape, neither will your hair. Lavender helps calm the nerves, but it also stimulates circulation to the scalp.  Lavender helps calm an itchy scalp, and it helps with dandruff, too. If you are no-poo and have been missing the ‘shampoo smell’–lavender is a good one for you. It lingers in the hair and gives you that fresh-washed scent for a long time. It also is a lovely way to wake up in the morning–a little lavender, warm water, and a hot shower? Lovely. Simply lovely!

Tea Tree. Tea tree is the oil most likely to already be in your hair care products, especially if you or someone in your home has an issue with dandruff. It has been well-researched and used for many years to treat dandruff. It is an excellent treatment for dandruff! It also is widely used for the prevention of lice–a lot of people swear by it!

These are just four of many, many oils that can be used on your hair! My personal favorites are Lemongrass and Rosemary. I use two drops of each every week in my egg yolk wash. The combination is bright and stimulating, waking up my senses and leaving my hair healthy and lush. I use no other products–no gels, no mousse, no detanglers…nothing. My hair before was oily, had zero volume, and no shine. It broke easily and I lost a lot every wash. (And I was using high-end all-natural shampoo from a salon!) Since ditching shampoo and adding essential oils into the mix, my hair is FULL of body, it is healthy and shiny, and it grows like crazy! In the last year alone it has grown over eight inches! I blow dry it, I flat-iron it…and I only wash it once a week. It stays healthy, full and beautiful.

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a peek:

hair two


Cost per use before for shampoo, hair products, conditioner, etc: $2.08

Cost per use today for egg yolk and essential oils: .34

Total Savings: $1.74 per wash


What are your favorite essential oils for use in your hair?


Looking for more information on essential oils? Here are a few other resources you can check out:

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