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My son seems to have me mistaken with someone else. “Forget” your homework supplies at school thinking you won’t have to do it at home?  I’ll make up homework for you, plus make you do the original homework the next night.  If you don’t do your homework at night and lie to your father about how much there is to do, absolutely you will do it before school.  I’ll wake you up extra early to make sure you have plenty of time for it.  (And since I’m NOT a morning person you get an added bonus–super cranky mommy.)  Decide to purposely dawdle getting dressed so that there isn’t time for homework?  Fine, homework will be first.  No skin off my back to make you go to school in your pj top. Get called into the principal’s office for refusing to focus and do classwork and the principal calls me at home to discuss the situation?  Oh buddy, you better come home ready to convince me of how terribly sorry and repentant you are.  Cause your butt is toast!

And yet, he seems to wonder why he can’t have video games, tv, legos or books tonight.  Or why Mom and Dad are suddenly on his back like white on rice.  He seems to think that he can batt those baby blues at us, do a sweet song and dance about his ADHD medicine, and go right on his merry little way.

Apparently, he hasn’t met me lately.  Hello, I’m mom.  Mean Mom.  Nice to meet ya.  Welcome to your new life.

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