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Green Lemonade

Green Lemonade

Isn’t the color on this juice fantastic?

I know for some of you, the idea of drinking a bright green juice sounds horrible. I feel ya. I was right there with you about six weeks ago. And then I made this baby, and I was hooked! The flavor is fantastic, like a really tart lemonade. But it’s also chock full of vitamins. Honestly, there’s no better way to get them! I make this with kale, broccoli, celery…but no worries, it isn’t bitter! I also use Granny Smith apples, limes and green grapes, all of which totally dominate the flavor of this juice!

Today’s photo prompt was “on my table.” I am still a novice at food photography, so you’ll see me use a basic technique every time: I get in really, really close, down at just above eye level with the container, and then move slightly off center and tilt the frame. This accomplishes a couple of things for me until I learn better techniques: one, it gives the photo a bit of visual interest. With the blank space beside the jar your eye goes naturally to the jar and what is in it. The tilt gives the impression of movement to the eye, even though the jar is just sitting on my kitchen counter. Two, it helps hide items in the background. I don’t have a photo box to shoot in. I’m stuck using what I have on hand, and lets just say my kitchen is rarely tidy when I want to take photos. By clearing off a small space of my counter and using this angle, you don’t see the mess behind the jar, or the messy cutting board I’d just used to cut the fruit just to the right of it. All you see is the small space in the frame. The jar fills most of the frame, so the mess stays hidden.

What did you photograph today?

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