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Welcome to Proverbs 365! This blogging project is my attempt to read one chapter of Proverbs daily and then share a piece of wisdom or lesson learned from within that daily chapter. Proverbs are God’s version of daily Best Practices: they help us through good times and bad. When life becomes stressful, Proverbs are there to help us make better choices. Feel free to join me in Proverbs 365–either on your blog or by leaving your daily Proverbs lesson in the comments below!


Proverbs 6

27 Can a man scoop fire
into his lap without his clothes being burned?

Why, oh why, do we play with fire? What is so enticing about it?  Why do we think that we can flirt with danger and yet not get hurt?  Why do we blame everyone but ourselves when we do? That is exactly what this proverb is warning us about. Playing with fire. We like to believe we are good, that the ‘everyone is a sinner’ thing is for other people. I mean, we don’t say we believe we are perfect,
but inside we think we’re doing a pretty good job. We haven’t killed anyone. We didn’t rob a bank or sell any drugs today so we can’t be that bad, right? But in reality, we like to flirt with our bad side. To be just a little dangerous. To be a little dark. We like to walk right up to the edge and take a good look.

That is exactly what gets addicts in trouble. They think they can flirt with their addictions. Get close to it yet still be in control of it. But it doesn’t work that way. If you heap a pile of burning coals onto something that burns–it burns up! If you have a problem with eating, and you’re working hard to break that issue in your life, why do you walk into that restaurant or bakery? To show that you can? If you struggle with drinking too much on occasion, why go out with the same group of people to the same places and expect that this time you’ll stop yourself sooner? If you struggle with negativity or gossip, why are you hanging around with people who love to talk badly about other people What kind of stupidity is that?

But we all do it. We all have that ‘I can do it!’ gene inside of us. We have to be in control; have our cake and eat it too. What this proverb is suggesting is that if you’re playing with fire, you’re going to get burnt. You aren’t in control. You aren’t likely to do it differently this time. Get yourself out of the situation to begin with. Don’t go near the temptation in the first place. Go and run in the opposite direction. Because trust me, you really don’t want that fire, no matter how attractive it looks right now!

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