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Simplify Your Closet Challenge

Holy Moly. That’s a whole lotta crap.

I just started my closet simplicity challenge. I’ll give you the how-to details in a minute. But first I have to sit here and get over my shock. My disgust. Seriously, I don’t really own that many clothes, do I? I’m not that spoiled am I?

Its about to get very REAL in here.

This is my pile of clothing. Correction: piles. This is all of my clothing, my shoes and my pajamas. The only things not in here are accessories and unmentionables. This is my starting point.


This cannot stay. I long for simplicity for many reasons, but standing here looking at this I feel sick to my stomach. There is so much excess and waste here. I have so much stuff I don’t need. Things other people DO need. I have clearly bought more than I should.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I challenge you to join in with me!

1. Everything from my closet, drawers, boxes and storage containers is gathered together into one spot.

2. I get dressed every day from this pile.

3. Only things that get worn in this next month go back into the closet. If it isn’t worn, it doesn’t go back in.

4. I am allowed to keep ten special items. Items that have sentimental meaning, or are special event clothing, like my suit that I keep for important meetings.

What about seasonal items, you ask? Good question! I don’t know. I think that because we are having enough warm and cold days in March that knowing what I truly wear isn’t that much of an issue. I think I may be hard line about this and not keep anything I haven’t worn, or put things I keep towards that ten special item limit. My intention is to seriously simplify so I think I’ll be tough on this one. But you can make up this rule as you feel it fits for you. My ultimate goal is to end up with a closet that is filled with only clothes that I truly love. Getting dressed in the morning will be a lot simpler and a lot more fun if I am only looking at clothes that I love!

So, are you joining in? Tell me if you are! What do you think about my challenge? Do you have any suggestions of me?

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  1. So where are you taking your stuff? I’m in! Going to do it this weekend!

  2. I started doing this in the fall. I take my stuff to goodwill. I love that it will provide work for the people that work there. I am trying to do that now with whole house. I have also stopped shopping. I try to utilize what I have verses running out to buy a new top or etc..

  3. If I do buy something new I make myself get rid of something old. .

  4. Great idea, Heather. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve given away four big trash bags full of clothing that I just don’t love…and I STILL have another bag full in my closet now plus who knows how much stuff that I ought to give away. Purses, hats, scarves, gloves, sweatshirts, t-shirts, workout clothes – it makes me a little sick to think about how much I really have that I don’t need/don’t wear but won’t give away. Selfish, selfish, selfish! And I keep buying more. Ugh. I’m on board!

  5. I totally stole the idea from someone on Pinterest to turn the hangers in my closet backward, and everything that’s not turned the right way by June 1 gets tossed. I’m definitely figuring out by this point what I wear and don’t wear!

    I like your idea of putting everything in the same place, because it really highlights how much you have vs. what you thought you had.

  6. I have spent the last few weeks cleaning out my closets in an attempt to make room for my future husband. I want to make his moving in as simple as possible. So, I’m simplifying. But I still have a ways to go and I will be using your tips to help. I still have a lot of things that I don’t wear that I’m holding on to. Time to let them go. I also have more purses and bags than I care to admit to.