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I had the best Mother’s Day ever yesterday! My kids (aided by my husband) surprised me with breakfast in bed, followed by some cool gifts–a collection of her art from LittleMissSunshine, while JD gave me a very cool bracelet. After church they let me pick what to do with the day (Yay!) so we headed over to the Cincinnati Art Museum to see the Picasso and Monet exhibits. They are two of my favorite artists, and there was nothing like sharing their art with my kids. I could sit and stare at Monet all day long. Picasso has held a special place in my heart ever since I visited his museum in Barcelona when I was only 16 years old. JD and I had some really cool conversations about Picasso and why he moved into the abstract, and what it looked like to him. Experiencing great works of art is a real treat for me, so to be able to share that with my family made the day extra-special. Even when they acted like monkeys. 🙂


Picasso imagines what having a drink with Rembrandt might be like


A self-portrait by Picasso, with his artist’s tools. A precursor to the common photographer self-portrait with the camera in front of their face, perhaps?


Coastal scenes by Renoir and Monet. Simply beautiful!


Picasso still life of a lemon and a glass of water. We couldn’t find either, but still enjoyed the painting. LittleMissSunshine has been learning about still lifes at school, so she was quite intrigued by this one.


I love Miro in any form, but especially his wall sized paintings. I love his colors and his dream-like depictions.


JD, fascinated by a piece of word-art.


And to cap off this great day, I was treated to Karlo’s Bistro and my favorite Chicken Piccata. I enjoyed a lovely adult beverage while LittleMissSunshine was thrilled to make her own pizza.




Did you do anything fun for Mother’s Day?

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