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I’ve joined up with a group of bloggers participating in a summer blog challenge! Every day we are given a blog “prompt”–a common topic we are all to write about. I’m a few days late in joining the challenge (when aren’t I late?) so I’m playing a bit of catch-up today! I’m doing four days in one blog.

Why are you doing this challenge:

I’m joining up first because I love the idea. Being ADD I often struggle with creating habits. Plus, I think the idea of joining in with 60+ other bloggers will be a lot of fun!

Post a picture of you smiling:

Hmmm…I hate my teeth so I rarely smile in photos. I broke my front tootth when I was young and the crown has never sat quite right. I will see if I can find one.

Found one. This is me at Blissdom this year with Tsh of SimpleMom.net (LOVE her!) and Kristi of Creative Kristi, who is currently helping me redesign this blog!

List 15 interesting facts about yourself:

1. I was an exchange student to Spain in high school. To me, Barcelona is one of the most interesting places on the planet, and I’m dying to return for a visit!
2. I have been on four mission trips, and hope to go on many, many more.
3. My parents were hippies, so I grew up with a very different lifestyle than most people,
4. I used to work in politics, as a communications director and campaign manager. I’ve met Presidents, Governors, Senators, and even had a very brief conversation with a Prime Minister on the phone.
5. I thought I was punk-rock in the late 80’s.
6. I’ve been backpacking in the Rockies for my first wedding anniversary, and am dying to do it again with the kids!
7. I am a licensed pastor, and have performed both weddings and funerals.
8. I suck at cleaning. No really, I’m horrible at it. The worst. I have learned some tricks over the years, but even on my best day I need help!
9. I know what it is like to drive in a presidential motorcade and have secret service protecting your car. That’s both fun and freaky at the same time.
10. I have friends on six of the seven continents. I love opening my Facebook feed because I never know what language I’m going to see.
11. The LittleMissKnowitAll nickname was a joke that kinda took on a life of its own. I don’t actually know it all. I’m learning along with the rest of you!
12. My husband surprised me with a honeymoon in Ireland, which was a dream come true for me. I could spend years on the West Coast of Ireland and never get tired of it.
13. I am a huge fan of single malt ‘scotch’ whiskey. I never have fewer than five bottles in my house, because I like to have a good selection based on my mood. I love how every whiskey has its own unique flavors and nuances, just like wine.
14. I’ve met many, many celebrities over the years. I just have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. I don’t chase them or hunt them down, they just seem to be there. I treat them like any other person, and they seem to appreciate that.
15. I don’t use shampoo on my hair, and haven’t for eight months now. My hair has never been healthier! (a blog post is coming soon on that!)

Meaning behind your blog name:

My blog is called In God’s Economy because God has a very different way of living life than we do. It is a bit of a play on words for me, because so many people know me as a savings and consumer expert. But really, it is a reminder to me that God challenges us to do things very differently from what common wisdom in this world would tell us to do. That the least is the most. To take the high road. To slow down and be present in each and every day.

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