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My love of photography as a hobby just continues to grow! I was given an amazing gift at Christmas–my very first DSLR! As I looked at my goals for 2013, I decided that I was going to focus solely on goals that brought joy and happiness to my life. Photography was at the very top of that list. So I have joined up with a great group in a yearlong photo challenge.  It has already really challenged me to look closer at the photos I’m taking on a daily basis, and to try new and different things. I thought I’d begin sharing my weekly assignment photos here on the blog, in a new series titled Sunday Snapshots.

This week we were assigned food as our subject. I had a lot of fun with this one!



My good friends all know how much I love a good single malt whiskey. This was a glass of the Dalmore Cigar Malt, a smooth scotch whiskey with deep caramel tones. It was very nice on a cold, wet night. I placed the glass on an antique silver tray to get that wonderful reflection of the crystal glass.

Farm fresh eggs

There is nothing quite like farm fresh eggs, is there? These are eggs my good friend Zonoma raises on her homestead. They are always just as beautiful as they are delicious. No, these aren’t dyed–they really are blue eggs. I’ve gotten pink and green eggs from her as well. I helped collect these out from under the hens myself, so they are very fresh. And beautiful! I placed the eggs on a lime green platter to help contrast the dark brown hues of the eggs.

Mustard cream pasta

Last, is an experiment with a recipe from the fantastic Pioneer Woman blog. I wanted to make chicken pasta but to have a little more flavor than the standard cream sauce, and I found a recipe on her site that used mustard and brandy in the sauce. Now, I was full out of brandy but did have a little cognac, so I used that instead. Also, to keep it healthier, I used evaporated milk in place of full cream. The recipe came out wonderfully. Both my husband and I were licking our plates by the end of the meal. Thankfully I made an extra large batch and froze the extras–we will be having more this week!

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