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Best of Naturally Frugal: Egg Yolk Shampoo

"Ewww....Really?" That is usually the first response I get when I tell people that I use egg yolks to wash my hair. Then they start studying my hair looking for signs of eggs. I've gotten used to it, but I'm here to tell you, egg yolks--they ROCK. I started using the egg yolks a year ago, as I was experimenting with different no-shampoo methods. While I loved the simplicity of baking soda to wash … [Read more...]

A Year Without Shampoo

 Today is a rather odd but important anniversary: I have lived a year without shampoo. It is odd because it isn't exactly the kind of thing you celebrate with friends and family. Frankly, tell someone you aren't using shampoo and you're more likely to get odd looks than anything else. But it is still an important date--because the day I decided to try the no-shampoo experiment was the day … [Read more...]

Simply Natural: No Shampoo Tips for Your Healthiest Hair Ever!

UPDATE: Wow! This post just exploded with people checking this out. Thanks Kathy Lee and Hoda. ;) This post is actually a couple of years old. I've been shampoo free for two and a half years now. My hair is very clean, I do wash it regularly, just not with shampoo. I get compliments on it all the time. Read on for more details of how to wash your hair without shampoo. Check out this post for my … [Read more...]

I’m Going No-Poo!

 UPDATE: I have now been no-poo for eleven months! Check out my update and tips I've learned along the way in my Naturally Frugal post earlier this summer.Hold on to your hats, because I'm going to tell you something shocking: I've gone "No-Poo!"  That's right, I've not used shampoo on my hair for ten days. No-Poo is short for No Shampoo. It is a movement of people who want to cut … [Read more...]