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We’ve been sick around here. A Lot. A whole lot. It started right around Christmas, when my daughter had a sore throat. Since then we’ve had two adults with strep throat; myself and my daughter have had bronchitis bad enough to need inhalers (which neither of us normally use), a stomach virus, a double ear infection and a cold. Since New Year’s I don’t think we’ve had a single day where all four of us are healthy at the same time.

But through it all I’ve caught glimpses of just how blessed we are. Back in January when both my husband and I were down with strep, we were isolating ourselves to keep the kids from catching it. We heard some movement in the kitchen, and stumbled out to find my seven year old daughter happily making dinner for herself and her brother so that we wouldn’t have to get up. (She makes a mean jelly sandwich and an even better grilled cheese via the microwave.) My eleven year old son helped take care of his sister during that time too, getting her off the bus in the afternoon and helping her with her homework. Both kids recently learned how to make freezer waffles in the toaster, and loved the freedom to pick their own foods. My daughter had watched me use my Keurig many times, and to my surprise had learned how it worked. She would come home from school and make me a cup of hot tea so I would feel better. We were so touched by how generously our kids jumped in to take leadership over themselves and their thoughtfulness in trying to help us.

Tonight, both adults were down with illness again. My husband has a cold and was passed out from a Nyquil induced coma. I have had a stomach virus. My son volunteered to put his sister to bed, so that we could rest and she’d be away from our germs. I heard them talking so I listened closely–he was reading her a story. She was giggling through it, and asking him to snuggle closer as he read. I heard him pray with her, and blow her kisses as he left her room. My heart melted right there.

We are so richly blessed by two amazing kids. Sure, they can be cheeky little monkeys. Sure they give us fits. But in the times when we need them to, they step up to the plate in very unexpected ways. My eleven year old son with Asperger’s is lovingly tucking his little sister in at night. That is a blessing, a true blessing. We have such wonderful kids. Thank you God, for blessing us with these amazing creations of yours. Thank you.

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