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Welcome to The Best, featuring reviews of our favorite products and services. The Best is 100% advertising-free, honest reviews of our favorite products. To kick off the series, LittleMissKnowitAll shares one of her favorite products.

I hate ants. They don’t just annoy me, they drive me up a wall. I hate them so much that I’ve spent hours crawling through the yard on my hands and knees tracking the trail of ants back to the nest to destroy it. Every spring they invade my home from all directions: the front windows, the back windows; the kids’ windows; the basement door; the shower drain. Because we live in the woods we’ve always found that the surest sign of spring is when the ants come marching in two by two.

We tried every natural and home remedy we could find. Most of them were good: chalk, cinnamon oil, borax, citrus peels, boiling water down the hole of the ant nest…all were good but never quite good enough. Within a few days, ants would invade from a different direction.

We tried the Raid ant traps. No go. The ants practically laughed at us as they ran right past them.

And then we discovered Terro.

We were in our friendly Ace Hardware store ready to buy some dynamite to blow the suckers up, when an employee recommended we give Terro a shot. We laughed and told him we’d tried it all–nothing worked. Silly man, didn’t he know dynamite was the only viable solution? He looked me straight in the eye and said “If you still have ants, you haven’t tried Terro. Try it–it works. I’ll refund your money if it doesn’t.”

We couldn’t turn that down so we brought it home and gave it one last try, fully expecting to fail again. But then something very sweet happened: the suckers began to die.

Having a package of Terro open is like having a Jonestown-style grape acid kool-aid party in your window. Where there were ten ants in the beginning there are now two hundred. That first day, I was freaking out and wanting to kill all of them with my shoe. But the wise man at the store had said to let them eat–to encourage them to feast. For with every bite they were heading to their own demise.

Oh, was that ever a welcome site!

Within 24 hours the stream of ants was considerably smaller. Within 48 hours it was almost non-existent. By the end of one week we had no ants. None. After six years of fighting ants in every shape and form, they were all gone. Six little Terro packets had wiped them out!

This year as spring dawned I realized the ants would return again but now I knew exactly what to do. I logged in to Amazon and ordered Terro. The first day that I saw an ant out went the boxes. I watched and they were at least three different nests, coming in different areas of the home, so I put out Terro packets in all three spots. Just like last year, within an hour of the Terro being set out the packets were swarming with ants. Twenty four hours later, two of the Terro packets were empty and there were no ants in sight. Forty eight hours later all ants are gone. Kaput. Three different nests GONE in 48 hours!


I’m not sure why Terro works so much better than other ant poisons. It is really just an all-natural mix of borax and sugar–items I’d used in my own homemade attempts to get the ants. Whatever the magic Terro formula is, I don’t really care! The ants are gone. That’s all that matters!

You can find Terro in many hardware stores and home improvement stores, or online on Amazon.com. Terro retails for under $8 a box and is safe for use around pets and children, though you should take precautions to keep them from eating it.

Terro, the ant terminator’s weapon of choice. It’s The Best!

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