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Looking for unique stocking stuffers? As part of my The Best series, I’m sharing some of my favorite gadgets with you. The Best series are unsolicited reviews, 100% my own opinions. I was not provided any items for this review or any kind of compensation for my reviews

I am a coffee snob. I won’t drink just any coffee, only the best will do. In fact, until about six years ago, I didn’t even like coffee. I was a tea afficianado. But then I was introduced to good coffee, and ever since I’ve spent a fortune feeding my ‘good’ coffee habit! I love it foamed up and flavored…but the price at a coffee shop is astronomical. As a once in a while treat…sure. Everyday? No way! But I also have never had any luck with the steam frothers that come on the special espresso coffee makers.They were always so finicky and required a lot of cleaning to keep them working just right.

So I resigned myself to having only ‘good’ coffee at home. I have my Keurig, which I love. It makes good coffee, and I’d add my favorite flavored creamers. Good. But not great.


Enter the Aerolatte, a little device my mother stumbled upon. A tiny little battery powered whisk, you insert it into milk or creamer and it magically froths and foams up the creamer. Just like in an expensive coffee shop! Two or three tablespoons of milk or creamer quickly become half a cup of foamy goodness. It is so simple to use I use it every morning, and have perfectly frothed coffee in less than 90 seconds. Right now my favorite combo is a cup of Kenyan medium roast coffee from the Keurig with the Vanilla Spiced Rum flavored creamer from International Delight. Sometimes I use the Peppermint Mocha creamer instead–just depends on my mood! I love that I can have great coffeehouse coffee right here at home!

Cleanup is a breeze too–simply run the whisk under some water and then turn on for a second–it is clean and dry! The Aerolatte is so easy to use that my even seven year old can use it–she made me a cup of perfect coffee for Mother’s Day breakfast, throwing out the plain cup of coffee my husband had made me and showing him how to “do it right, the way Mommy does it.” (I do love that girl!)

You can pick up the Aerolatte for under $20 on Amazon. IKEA makes a frother as well, for just under $5. I haven’t used it, but I’m sure it works well too. I couldn’t resist showing you just how easy the Aerolatte is to use! Check out this vlog from my very own kitchen (warning: I recorded this back at Christmastime) to see why this is easily one of my favorite things!

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