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Have you gotten caught up into the world of Pinterest yet? Or are you just starting out, trying to figure out how it all works? I am totally in love with Pinterest, but understand it can be a tad confusing when you’re new. I thought I’d put together this list of Dos and Don’ts to help you get the hang of the site.

Do: Use the Pin It button in your browser toolbar. The button makes it easy to Pin and share great content from around the Web.

Don’t: Link to the website main page or a static photo. Use the specific page web address whenever you can. When pinning from a retail site, make sure to pin back to the page where someone can buy the item. It can be very frustrating to fall in love with an item but not know where or how to buy it.

Do:  Check the “Everything” Pinterest page to find new boards and interesting people to follow. The more people you follow, the more interesting pins you’ll see.

Don’t: Pin only one subject all the time. We all love cute pictures of dogs, but if that is all you pin, you will find your boards unfollowed pretty quickly.

Do: Change the notes on a picture when you repin it. Give it your own personality and flair. Tell people when you have tried something. Tell people when you truly love something.

Don’t: Put the full tutorial instructions in the notes. This poaches from the blogger or author who worked hard to write the tutorial in the first place.

Do: Leave comments on photos and pins you like.

Don’t: Pin only your own content or ideas. Pinterest is not about self-promotion. Make sure to pin great content from other sites as well as your own.

Do: Invite your friends and family. Pinterest membership is by invite-only and it can take a long time to get a coveted invite through the site. Help your friends and family out by sending them direct invites.

Don’t: Pin things to multiple boards. Every time you pin something it shows up in your followers’ streams. Pinning it multiple times is the equivalent of Pinterest spam. Pin it once and be done.

Do: Check Pinterest often. You’ll quickly find your friends have been pinning great new ideas every day.

Don’t: Post personal photos or photos of your kids. Pinterest is not private–photos you post can be seen by anyone, anywhere.

Do: Search for your favorite topics, and follow boards that interest you. You can follow single boards that are topics you’re interested in, without seeing all of the user’s pins.

Don’t: Get negative. Keep an open mind when browsing Pinterest. If it’s not your style, just move on. Don’t say something rude that might hurt someone’s feelings.

Do: Add the pin it button to your website or personal blog. Go to the Goodies page and scroll down to where it says “Follow Button” for Websites. Copy and paste the html into your site–you’ll generate traffic and could go viral!

Don’t: Feel overwhelmed or intimidated. Just start by looking at what others are pinning, then Like or Repin the ones you like. You’ll get the hang of it in no time! 

That’s it! Pinterest is really simple and can be a great resource of ideas for every facet of your life. While you’re over on Pinterest, follow me  to see what I’ve been pinning.

What Dos and Don’ts for Pinterest would you add for newcomers to Pinterest?


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