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Here’s a cool trick I found on Pinterest. Use a potholder to pack a still-warm flat iron in your suitcase and protect clothing from burns! I had filed this tip away in the “I’ll try that sometime in the future” file. Then suddenly I had an unexpected trip to make a couple months ago for a family funeral, and found myself packing in a hurry. As I was packing I was sitting waiting for my flat iron to cool down so I could pack it as well. Then I remembered the cool trick I’d seen on Pinterest, and decided to try it out: wrap your hot flat iron in a potholder to protect your clothing from burning. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed the only non-silicone potholder we own, slipped my still hot flat iron into it, threw it in the bag, and prayed that it worked.

It worked! When I unpacked not only was my clothing safe, but the potholder was ready to be used again. Because of the mess the rain made of my hair, I’d often pop into a bathroom, touch up my hair, and then pop the iron and holder into my purse. I used the trick several times throughout the weekend to touch up my hair on the go, and every time the potholder worked brilliantly. It also was a great rest for my iron to keep it from scarring any surfaces I laid it on.

A few tips:
  • Make sure to use a heavy potholder. Anything lightweight will not contain the heat.
  • Do not use silicone holders–they can melt.
  • The original tutorial showed a flat square potholder that was folded in half and sewn to specifically hold the iron. While that would have worked, the hand-shaped potholder worked just as well in a pinch.
  • This trick works for curling irons as well!


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