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The bible says we have an enemy, an enemy of God.  That enemy roams the earth, to and fro, looking for evil to do.  He is the great liar, the great accuser.  But why is he so ticked at us?

Because we make mistakes.  Because we sin.  Because we turn against God.

What?  Um, excuse me?  Wouldn’t that make the enemy of God happy?!?

Nope.  It makes him angrier.  Why?  Because we get a second chance.  Because we get to go to our knees and ask for forgiveness.  Because God went above and beyond and over the hills again and again and again to bring us new chances to get it right.

The enemy didn’t get it right.

Not even close.  He rebelled against the one, true God.  He became jealous and wanted God’s power for himself, and led a rebellion.  And he was cast down, out of God’s presence, to suffer for all of eternity.  He will never be given a second chance.  He cannot claim the blood of Jesus for his sins and mistakes.

And that?  Pisses him off.

We make mistakes.  We sin and make poor choices.  But we always get another chance to make it better.  We always get the choice to turn and be one of God’s people again.  That miracle of grace and forgiveness is what sets him at war with us until the day that God will throw him into the pit forever.  That hatred of our freedom to choose God even after we’ve sinned, that is what fuels his rage against all humankind.  For God loves us so much that he gives us another chance.

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