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I’m excited to introduce Stephanie Joy to all of you! Stephanie will be joining us once a week as a contributing blogger here at InGodsEconomy. Stephanie is married with an adorable little boy, and has a wonderful voice when writing. She’ll be sharing her experiences here with you once a week. Welcome, Stephanie!–Heather

So we have a mouse in the house. It’s my fault that we have a mouse in the house so it has been suggested. My husband feels that I have welcomed this little rodent in with open arms because I have a habit of not closing the garage door behind me. I do close the garage door most of the time; however, I have failed a few times because of absent mindedness and baby distracting moments…..Mostly because of baby distracting moments.

T-Rex has a melt down as I’m pulling into the garage. I fumble through the backseat trying to find the plug (pacifier), which has fallen into the invisible black hole never to be found again. I rush T-Rex up the stairs. I begin the plug search once again in an attempt to soothe T-Rex. So yes, I admit it. I have failed to close the garage door….Mostly during baby distracting moments.

So what’s the hubby’s excuse?

He mows the lawn several times a week….garage door stays open until he’s finished.

He pulls the cars out to wash them in the driveway…..garage door stays open until he’s finished.

He works on projects in the garage….garage door stays open until he’s finished.

See where I’m going with this?

I know, regardless who let the mouse in is neither here nor there. The issue at hand is that we are currently cohabiting with a rodent that we both want annihilated!

So its Hi Ho Hi Ho off to Lowes we go…..

Who knew there were so many traps, contraptions and torture chambers to choose from? Apparently the annihilation of mice is big business. After contemplating for 30 minutes we decided on the TOMCAT 2-pack mouse spin trap.

The label reads….

Covered Portico encourages rodent entry for improved effectiveness, Kills instantly with no mess, Keeps mouse out of sight – once triggered simply dispose of entire trap, integrated bait cup and sliding door for ease of baiting.

Encourages rodent entry? Really?….. Not! This contraption has been out for a week. Little mouse is not taking the bait.

So its back to Lowes we go….

We purchased the TOMCAT wooden good old fashion mouse trap! We lathered a little bite of peanut butter on the trigger point, set all 8 traps in various locations. The wait begins… The first night, while lying in bed I listened intently for the loud snap. My heart was racing. I was over come with excitement that our uninvited guest would soon be checking out. Many minutes went by and then several hours passed…No snap.

The Second night I thought for sure I was going to hear the loud snap…No snap. Third night, the mouse dodged the bullet yet again (8 bullets to be exact). The fourth night, no mouse!!

I’m beginning to think that our mouse is either really smart or it just doesn’t like cheap peanut butter. Maybe the mouse is choosy? I am seriously close to going and buying a jar of Jif just to rule out the choosy mouse theory. Or maybe the mouse prefers cheese? Brie perhaps?

Ahhh mouse I loathe thee………

Has anyone ever had a mouse in the house? If so, what kind of traps and bait did you use?

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