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You don’t have to spend a fortune to have great skin! There are several simple things you can do with items you likely already have in your bathroom cabinets to have great skin without spending a ton of money.

1. Baby wipes make great makeup removers. They often go on sale and cost a lot less than the makeup wipes do. Plus, they’re thicker and are mild on the skin.

 2. Give yourself a mini-facial in the shower. Two or three times a week in the shower take a washcloth and wet it, then rub gently in areas that dead skin often accumulates–cheeks, forehead, chin. Then take it and sit it on your face, allowing the steam of the hot water in the washcloth to open up your pores. After the shower follow with a good moisturizer.

 3. You can make a good exfoliant at home for only pennies. The honey is really good for your skin–it will kill the bacteria on your face that causes acne, plus it is full of alpha-hydroxy acids, bringing younger-looking skin to the surface. It’s really simple to make, and it isn’t sticky at all:

Easy Facial Scrub

  • 1 tbs baking soda
  • 1 tbs honey (raw honey is best but any honey will do)

Blend all ingredients well until you yield a thick paste. Spread all over a clean face. If it does not spread easily add a few drops of water to the mix. Rinse with warm water. As you do, feel the granules from the baking soda start working as you rinse off the residue completely.

4. When you exfoliate, make sure to use the same scrub on your lips to slough off dead, dry skin as well.

5. For lip care, you should be moisturizing your lips daily as well–before you apply any kind of lip balm or lipstick. Your normal face moisturizer will work wonders. You’ll be surprised how soft your lips will stay if you do this daily! (You can apply lip balm a few minutes after the moisturizer to seal in the moisture.)

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