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Get the best hair of your life with just one egg! Super shiny, healthy hair!

“Ewww….Really?” That is usually the first response I get when I tell people that I use egg yolks to wash my hair. Then they start studying my hair looking for signs of eggs. I’ve gotten used to it, but I’m here to tell you, egg yolks–they ROCK. I started using the egg yolks a year ago, as I was experimenting with different no-shampoo methods. While I loved the simplicity of baking soda to wash my hair, it wasn’t quite as thorough as I wanted during the detox period. So I tried eggs–and I’ve never looked back!

Full of protein and all kinds of good things for your hair, they also contain lecithin, a natural cleanser. Washing with egg yolks conditions your hair as it cleans it. It has been revolutionary in my journey to ditch shampoo. My hair is silky, soft, and even fluffy. I don’t know that “fluffy” is a word normally used for hair, but my hair is fluffy and light!

So here’s how it works: for my long hair I take one egg yolk and place it in a plastic cup. I poke it with a fork, to break the yolk, and scramble it for about five seconds. In the shower I will add about a quarter cup of hot water to the cup, so that it spreads evenly over my head. (Added benefit: it warms the egg so it isn’t cold against my scalp.) I pour over my head, concentrating on my scalp and the back of my head. I gently scrub it into my hair, as if I was lathering shampoo. (It doesn’t lather, but it is the same motion.) Rinse as usual. Sometimes I follow it with my usual lemon juice rinse, but it really isn’t necessary. I feel my hair getting cleaner and smoother even before I rinse it. It’s THAT good.

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “Doesn’t it feel gross?” Actually, no. I’m not much of one for slimy things, but shampoo and conditioner is pretty darned slimy themselves. The egg yolk feels a lot like thin conditioner in my hands.

Even if you’re still using shampoo, this is a great hair treatment to use once in a while! It will replenish your hair with natural proteins and make your hair really silky. If you’ve got thicker or longer hair, two yolks might be needed–but for my shoulder-length fine hair, one yolk generally is enough. I don’t recommend using the egg white to wash with. While it won’t hurt your hair, it can cook in the hot water–leaving you with rubbery white bits in your hair. Egg yolks don’t do that. I simply save my egg whites in the freezer, for use later in cakes and meringues.

If you’re interested in learning more about ditching shampoo, you can read my posts about going no ‘poo here. (No shampoo, that is.) I’ve been doing this for over a year now, and I can’t see a time when I will ever go back to washing with shampoo again. My hair is cleaner, it is healthier, it is shinier. I only have to wash it once every week or two, because I’m not putting yucky stuff into it. And I’m not having to use any products either to style it, which is a huge change from before. Sometimes I just can’t believe it is this simple!

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